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Author: 24 Sep 2018

Obviously if you asked a professional Dominatrix that question, the answer would be “Anything I damn well want!” and if you asked a street walker, the answer would be “Whatever stops traffic.” But for an escort, especially a high class escort, the answer is far from straight forward. And depending on where they are working, it can get down right complicated. So I guess the most simple answer to “what does an escort wear to work?” would be “not what you expect”. But you deserve a better answer than that, so let me expand on it for you.

Marbella escort

The truth is that while the majority of women seem to think that sex workers spend their days hanging around in top of the line lingerie, or a basque and stockings, and that they turn up to every hotel door naked under a raincoat except for a string of pearls and their high heels. OK, some of those things are sometimes true! But most of the time as a Marbella escort you end up dressed in normal day wear, office clothing or very slightly revealing atture. They keep things classy and discreet, so they usually look pretty indistinguishable from any other beautiful and stylish woman going to a cocktail party. Most men are not especially turned on by fishnets or other traditonally slutty outfits. What they really want is the sexy girol next door that they could not hook up with while they were kids. The woman that they could see every day but not touch. They want the sexy girl next door who has stcked the wank bank of their fantasies in the years (or decades) since.

Which is why the girl friend experience (yes, that is why the TV show and Steven Soderbergh film were called that) is the most popular of all services for pretty much every escort, with pretty much every escort agency in the world. Even the most successful porn stars tend to look like the girl next door, albeit that they are doing things that the girl next door would not know how to start. Dor example, a woman with lots of ink showing who has obvious had more pricks than a second hand dart board will intimdate most men. If a professional high class escort dresses conservatively. The majority of men will get the unconscious signal that she is “pure and innocent” and respond favourably to that.

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